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Triple Collagen Treatment with Botoxal

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Fast Results

Increases skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, enhances brightness and firms skin.


Simply lay back and relax. Let us give you the spa treatment you deserve. Our treatments are non-invasive, relaxing and relieve stress as well.

An excellent treatment that brings elasticity and a lifting effect to the skin. Significantly increases the skin firmness, reduces wrinkles and lines. Combines the power of Triple Active Collagen, Vitamins and Marine Botoxal. Relaxes and hydrates the skin, maintaining more youthful and a firmer appearance. For all skin types, especially for mature skin.

  • reduces wrinkles and lines
  • boosts skin long-term firmness
  • relaxes and hydrates
  • promotes skin cells longevity
  • Organic- Paraben and Sulfate free- Gluten Free

One Treatment


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