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Stroudsburg, PA (July 20, 2010)

Farmers’ Market Introduces Health Screenings,
Partners With Pocono Medical Center

Shopping at the Farmers’ Market is getting even healthier this season. The Monroe Farmers’ Market introduces a new series of health screenings along with a partnership with the Pocono Medical Center. The screenings scheduled are for blood pressure, sun damage to the skin and cholesterol.

 Joanna Sukiennik, owner and Medical Aesthetician at JS Advanced Skin Care Spa will be hosting a free Skin Damage Screening on Saturday, July 24th from 8am-12noon. Sukiennik will be bringing medical equipment typically only used in her Delaware Water Gap-based spa. She will conduct free skin scans and provide analysis to interested Farmers’ Market shoppers.

“This skin scanner provides an excellent analysis of the skin. It is especially good at establishing where there is sun damage.” Sukiennik shares what she sees when looking at the scanner analysis, “oily patches, dry spots, —they each will show up different colors under the scanner. But the sun damage will always be spots of brown.”

Sun damage is not a life sentence however; custom skin programs can be created to treat each person’s particular needs. In Ms. Sukiennik’s tool bag are light chemical peels, Micro-Dermabrasion and photo rejuvenation therapy. Ms. Sukiennik will also have some complimentary products on hand for problem areas to spot treat if necessary.

“The secret to skin beauty” Sukiennik adds, “ is drinking lots of water. And even though the saying is an old one, ‘we are what we eat’…so a low-fat, high-fiber, lots of fruits and veggies and low-carbohydrate diet is the best.”

07/24 JS Advanced Skin Care: Skin Damage Screening

09/25 Pocono Medical Center: Cholesterol Screening & Cooking Demonstration

The Monroe Farmers’ Market runs on Saturday through the end of October, 8am-12 noon and is located on Ann Street near the Ribbon Factory in Stroudsburg.

By Alisa Tongg Weiler
For the Pocono Record

Pocono Record
Business Section (April 25 2010)

Royal Treatment

Customers can get pampered at Castle Inn Tenant's Spa

Castle Inn in Delaware Water Gap has been undergoing a makeover with a growing number of tenants and tenant Joanna Sukiennik has carried forth that spirit in her newly opened spa.

After working for 23 years in the business since moving to the United States from Poland, Sukiennik is putting a state-of-the- art touch into JS Advanced Skin Care and Spa, located at 49 Waring Drive. The four-room upscale spa offers massages, body wraps, facials and skin. care.

The outer appointment room is known by many who are aware of the inn’s history as the “red room” where renowned musician and inventor Fred Waring did his office work. One wall retains the rich red color and another has six mounted “Decca” recording label vinyl records of Waring and the Pennsylvanians from when they were an entertainment sensation in the 1950s on radio and television.

She also has added her own touches with upholstered chairs, cabinets where she sells her cosmetic line and chandeliers that she feels enhance the elegant atmosphere. Interior designer Adele McGann put up three framed, black-and-white photos of movie legend Lana Turner on one wall. The timber beams are painted to look like faux plaster that was popular in the early 1900s and still seen in the preserved Newport, R.I. mansions.

The spa rekindles an era shortly after the building opened in 1906 when female guests would lavish themselves with a massage and skin care.

While closing the lease for what Castle Inn owner Frank Paccione felt would be a “perfect place for a spa,” his wife and business partner Theresa Veltri noticed one old photo of the inn, a plaque advertising “Massages” at one time was mounted on the outside wall of the inn on the corner of Delaware Avenue and Waring Drive.

"It was almost like a nod of approval. We are try to get it back to all of the things it had in its heyday,” Veltri said. “Apparently, Castle Inn offered spa amenities as early as the first decade of’ the 1900s. We have always paid homage to the Castle’s past and try to give back what was there."

Sukiennik said she was in need of a place when the lease of the business where she worked on East Brown in East Stroudsburg was expiring and the owner was not renewing.

 She learned of the Castle Inn from someone who was opening a shop there over the summer.

“I liked this spot the best but it needed so much work and they worked so hard over two months to get it ready,” Sukiennik said. "This was Theresa Veltn’s dream and I’m very proud and very happy to be working with wonderful people. ...Everything is my personal touch but they (Veltri and Paccione) have helped a lot.”

Sukiennik has earned various certifications that are mounted on one wall and in 2007, she was licensed and certified in Atlanta for more advanced skin treatments in which she used LED (light emitting diode) lighting that she says comprises “90 percent” of her business. She said different color lights that deeply penetrate into the skin gets different results from treating skin spots and discoloration to acne.

“I got a lot of education (in the field) when I lived in Poland and the education never stops,” said Sukiennik. “It’s not just my profession but my passion.”

Although she is licensed to give massages that range from Swedish to reflexology, deep tissue and hot stone, Sukiennik has three licensed professionals she also uses.

Sukiennik feels her business can help prepare brides’ makeup on their wedding day. A huge dance hall across the way is also being slowly renovated with the hope it can accommodate wedding receptions. Sukiennik also is developing a business relationship with the Delaware Water Gap Country Club that she said is in need of spa services .

Treatments range from an hour in most cases to three hours and prices vary, with packages starting at $85 for a facial and massage to $255 for the three-hour “Bride to Be” body scrub, body wrap, massage and customized facial.

For the Pocono Record

Local Flair Magazine
Holiday Issue (DEC 09 - JAN 10)

give your skin the utmost respect

    Though considered the largest organ of the human body, we often over-stress and abuse our skin and seek very little professional help in its care. As this year’s end creeps ever near, and the toll of a holiday season packed with frivolity to spare starts showing on our faces, perhaps the best way to start anew is to learn how to give our skin the utmost respect.

    At JS Advanced Skin Care you will find Joanna Sukiennik, a Licensed Medical Aesthetician who is ready to act as the professional ally you need to keep your skin its healthiest. Working in the cosmeceutical industry for the past 22 years, and continuing her education throughout that time, Sukiennik expressed the importance of knowledge in her field. "When it comes to the care of your skin, you need a professional partner who has the right experience and training to help you make important decisions,” she explained, “the industry is constantly changing, techniques from two years ago may be outdated, so I take classes and attend seminars constantly.”

    Combine that wealth of knowledge with cutting-edge technology and Sukiennik’s very own line of specialized skin care regimens, and a trip to JS Advance Skin Care becomes an undoubtedly rejuvenating experience. As a client at JS Advanced Skin Care you cannot help but feel you are in good hands, as every aspect of your treatment comes completely customized to your specific needs. “I don’t do anything until I look at your skin close up,” proclaimed Sukiennik. Upon completion of just one facial with Sukiennik that included a soothing zinc mask, LED light therapy and her own vitamin- enriched moisturizer for my sensitive skin, I personally felt a smoother, “plumper” spring to my cheeks.

    Book a renaissance experience for the skin your in by contacting Joanna Sukiennik, JS Advanced Skin Care at 570.242.4080. Mention that you saw JS Advanced Skin Care in Local Flair through January 31st, 2010 and receive a 20% discount off your service. Learn more by visiting www.jsadvancedskincare.com.


by Heather Hanson

Local Flair

Monroe County Women's Journal
Health & Beauty
Sept / Oct 2009

Putting Your Best Face First

Local Cosmeceutical Professional Peels Away the Myths Behind Skincare and Acquiring an Aesthetician

Put your game face on. Face the music. Face first

    We all know you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, but finding the time for a healthy skincare regime doesn’t always get priority.

    "I find many of my clients fall into this category. They understand that proper care of their skin is essential, but between work, kids and activities, they put themselves last,” explained Joanna Sukiennik.

    A 22 -year veteran of medical - also known as cosmeceutical- skincare in the region, she recently shared some perspectives on how to make skin health a priority in your life, and selecting someone to work with you to achieve your goals.

    "First, developing a daily facial regime is essential. Make time for an appointment a cosmeceutical professional who can evaluate your current level of health and advise you on the proper plan for today and tomorrow,” Sukiennik said..

     Women often think working with a professional is too time consuming or outside their price range. “That isn’t true of today’s aestheticians. I have services geared to fit busy schedule, like lunchtime facials. And our array of services have become affordable at any budget. We make it about you, your skin now and into the future."

     Sukiennik also explained that picking the right person to manage your derma-health is key. “It is important to select someone with a degree and experience specifically in skincare. Many spas offer someone to perform a facial, but they don't know the science behind the health, or offer the latest cut edge equipment. Make sure to work with someone who is certified specifically in this field, preferably in a clinical environment.”

“A clean yet comfortable space is best. You should feel not only relaxed but also that the space is hygienic and fitted with the essentials. Look for your aesthetician’s certification prominently displayed and ask about the equipment and products they use. They should feel at ease explaining the process they follow and what products or equipment will be involved,” she said

She added: ”I even offer my clients options like different scents or processes for the same procedure. It’s about the client’s overall experience. After all, we want to become an important element in your life and your healthcare regime. We should be an offshoot of what you are already doing.”

Joanna Sukiennik is a clinical aesthetician.... She is available for private consultations, by appointment, at her ... location. Learn more about her services and products at www.jsadvancedskincare.com

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